Thinner Lips? Here Is How You Can Make Your Lips Look Fuller!

Being perfect is a myth. Long nose, small eyes, thin lips, double chin, small height, chubby weight – and our list of flaws continues. The real perfection lies in one’s ability to accept themselves the way they are. However, there is always something that you can do to enhance your looks and thinner lips are no exception.

Here a few hacks on how to provide volume to your thinner lips and make them look fuller.

  1. Exfoliation to the rescue

I know you must be taking care of your skin a lot and you must be indulging in skin exfoliation quite often. But do you do the same for your lips as well?

Exfoliating the lips helps you get rid of the dead layers of your lips and make it soft. Also, it makes your lips appear bigger.

In addition to exfoliating, it is always a best practice to dampen your lips with a wet cloth before applying lipstick to add volume.

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  1. Line your lips with a lip liner



If you have thin lips, then using lip liners should be your go-to routine every day. Lip liners help you outline your lips and provide a more defined and fuller look to your lips.

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  1. Switch to liquid lipsticks

thinner lips


Liquid lipsticks are any day better than the crayon or the regular bullet lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks make a better impact on the lips. They make your lips look fuller and appear big.

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  1. Highlight the lips with the highlighters

You can also use the face highlighters on your lips to make them look fuller. Using the highlighters can give volume to the lips. They can highlight the outer corners of your lips and create an illusion of bigger lips.

You can start with using a highlighter and then proceed to use lip liner and finally complete the process with the liquid lipsticks.

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  1. Stick to nudes

We all love the cheery reds, and darker colors. But, the truth is that darker shades make our lips look thin. Thus, if you want to flaunt fuller lips, stick to lighter shades and natural looking colors.

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