How To Say No To Sex Without Hurting Your Partner?

First of all, it’s okay to say No and it is even more okay to not feel ready for sex on some days. This never means that you have lost interest in him or in your relationship. It is just a day and it can even happen with your partner. So chill, and do not get stressed about it. And saying No to him is not rude, unloving, or bad in any way. Check some ways on how you can deny sex and still be his cute girl.

  1. Be vocal. Crisp and clear

No means no! No, but he is your boyfriend. Don’t be so harsh on him and do not bring out all your feminist vibes on him just because you are not ready or not in the mood. You love him, don’t you? Tell him politely but clearly that you do not want and your want is equally important for this step. If he loves you, he will understand. There is always a tomorrow and there is always a bad day.

  1. Change the plan effortlessly

We know, boys can be demanding sometimes and you cannot hurt them. You can’t see your boy in a bad mood because of yourself and we can totally feel you. If you can’t deny or say no, then just smartly change the plan. Tell him you wanted to go on a late night long drive since ages, and anything like that. He will respond and play his part for sure on seeing that cute little puppy face.

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  1. Settle for some cuddles and foreplay

Say No To Sex With Your Partner


In most cases, it is not about sex. It is about intimacy, closeness, and getting to snuggle. A great and probably the best alternative for sex is foreplay. Just get in close and all over him. Give him all of you and take all of his. You know what we’re talking about. And oral sex is always a yes after a foreplay, isn’t it? He will be content for sure.

  1. Explain him that you are not in the mood without being rude

When you can’t say directly No to him, then you can explain him in detail that you are not ready or prepared for it today. Tell him the exact reason why you are not wanting without cooking up stories and he will still love you. True love doesn’t need you to fulfill all his wishes without your consent. Quite philosophical but true!

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  1. Suggest him some other time

Say No To Sex With Your Partner


“Babe, not today, may be tomorrow or day after tomorrow. And who knows it can be just like you have imagined, with a lot of candles, roses, and perfumes. Today, the setting will not be that great. Can’t we wait for a quality sex over an immediate one?”

And what do you think he will say No? No chance!

  1. Kiss and entertain

You can tell him No in various ways but still, you can make for it by giving him a lot of kisses, preferably smooches. You know the game! And kisses would turn him on for sure but more and more kisses would keep him occupied.

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  1. Indulge in some role plays or sensuous bath

Role play along with some fore play is enough to divert his attention from sex to a lot more fancy things and cuddles. Try some doctor-doctor and teacher-student things and you will not have to explain a lot of things. And some sensuous bath will be an add-on and a relaxing element.

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